Router Bit Not Level

My router is off level by about 0.4 degrees compared to the waste board.
Never noticed it until i used a 1 inch bit to level my waste board
Any suggestions on how to level.
Maybe that’s as close as it gets


If you are more visual, Winston Moy has a YT video on the subject (squaring and tramming).


I bought a set of 1 2 3 setup blocks from amazon. I surfaced my spoil board and had ridges so I used the setup block to square the router mount both side to side and front to back. I used aluminum foil folded up to square the router mount. Then I resurfaced the spoil board and the ridges were gone. There are several other threads about using dial indicators to help you get the router and/or mount level to the spoil board.

If you do move the router mount be sure to tighten the mounting bolts well otherwise the torque of the router may move the router mount.

Please remember that the accuracy of the Wixley Digital Angle Gauge is +/- 0.2 degrees so being at 0.4 degrees is possible you are right on if the tolerance is at its maximum or at 0.2 degrees if it is at its minimum tolerance. So be sure to turn off the Wixley and re calibrate several times to get a mean reading. You cannot take every reading as gospel with a +/- 0.2 degrees variance.

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Got it. Thanks for everyone’s reply. There was enough play in the mounting holes to adjust the router mounting plate left and right to dead level. Its now at 0 Degrees level with the spoil board. Didn’t even have to remove the Z axis, I just remove the springs so i could lower the Z axis enough to access the mounting screws.

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Always be careful about using a level to tram your Shapeoko. The spindle has to be perfectly perpendicular to the wasteboard but the Shapeoko could be say 2deg off level and therefore, your spindle would also need to be 2deg off in the same direction and everything would be working as it should. Some people store their Shapeoko vertically but their system stays properly trammed but your level would say that it is not.

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I did it correctly… I put the electronic level on the spoil board and set it to zero.
I know the spoil board was flat because i had just surfaced it.
Then i put it on the router mount and it showed 0.4 degrees off.
After i adjusted and zeroed out the router mount it showed zero degrees. i put a scrap board on the unit and manually ran a few x and y test cuts with a 1 inch spoil board cutter and it was perfect.
This would be the worst case scenario because when cutting i only use a max of 1/4 inch cutter.


That’s great, I was saying that because the setup blocs and machinist square is the recommended approach as it is less probable that you have the two in different planes.

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