Router Bit Storage (containers)

CNC Router Bit Storage

Working on a storage system for the CNC router bits. I have bits from several different vendors with packaging varying from large plastic cases, pill bottle like containers, plastic pouches to square tubes. I needed the containers to be standardized and also be large enough to label the contents with a font that was easy to read.

I chose to use bottles with 1.25" diameter and a locking tab lid.

I made wooden disks 3/4" thick with an O.D. slightly less than the inside diameter of the bottles with a 7/16" through hole in the center for the bit. To secure the bit I used a 1/4" I.D. rubber vacuum hose with an O.D. of 7/16" The vacuum hose provides a snug fit for the bit. I did not need to glue the hose in the disk as it stayed put via a friction fit. The wooden disk makes it less likely that the bits will roll away from me when they are removed from the bottles.

The rack is from a design from a WoodSmith magazine video. The individual shelves hold 6 bottles and rotate for easy access. The design is easily modified to suit the user’s needs.








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