Router bits using

most of the videos people are using 1/4’’,1/8’’ collet i do hand routing useing 1/2’’ collet alot less vibration so you can use the same when cnc routing ?

Yes, it should be possible, but you’d need a mount which will accept a router which will take a 1/2" collet — the Makita tops out at 3/8"

The community has some notes about other router and spindle options at:

The two recommended spindles/routers that are available for the Shapeoko only can fit a 3/8 to 1/4" collet, so no 1/2 bits (cutters) can fit. A few owners have managed to make/buy brackets so that a larger router can attach to the Shapeoko, but it is not common.

I believe the weight of the larger routers are a concern (since the Z motor isn’t that strong and still only uses a 6mm belt)

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