Router died after sounding horrible

I’m working on my 6-7 month old SO4XL doing surfacing on a project I’m starting and it gets through almost the entire 377 mm circle on its last line around and the router sounds horrible and it dies, stops completely.

The power is on at the outlet, no GFI or breaker trip, tried two other power sources, the machine powers up and I can start CC and CM with no faults or indications from the software saying there is a problem and still no power to the router. I looked at the control box and it appears ok with no burn or flash marks on the circuit board. Just for giggles I looked at the brushes. They’re ok, not great, but ok. Just for giggles I tried replacing them, still nothing. I think my router died!!

Any ideas from the gallery?

Thank you in advance

Assuming you have a Bitrunner, Have you tried powering your router directly from an outlet?

What does the router feel like if you spin it by hand? …power disconnected of course.

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If replacing the brushes doesn’t get you up and running that leaves the bearings, the motor, and the electronics, none of which are really user replaceable — if you’re under warranty for a Carbide Compact Router, then let us know at and we’ll get this taken care of.

I replaced the brushes and nothing changed. Tried multiple direct power sources. When it was sounding horrible the machine was still moving though it sounded as if it were binding. I bought the machine in Oct of last year.

I did send support an email to contact me. I known they’re very receptive to quick responses.

Thank you, sir.

We will send you a replacement as quickly as we can.

Sorry for a late response. I received the new router. Thank you

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