Router Dug in and just stopped cutting?

Is my router speed too slow?

I am not really sure what material this is? Some sort of composite for sure

Depth of Cut: .1
Plunge: 32
Feedrate: 75

Makita Router Setting: 3.5
Cutting tool: #201 .25 dia.

Do i need to bump anything up or down??

Its so jarring to have the machine just whir and grind and stop!

Is the cutting tool too low down in the chuck? Should I “choke up” more?

Edit: Jesus christ the router goes back to some 0,0 after you reload the gcode…nothing like the Shapokeo trying to grind its way THROUGH the workpiece. I thought I was kind of getting the hang of this … :open_mouth:

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Please @louiscooper136 profanities are not necessary.

The general rule is to hold the tool as short as possible.

When cutting wood, higher RPM is better. It’s all about chip clearance. Reduce your feed rate a little, and reduce your depth of cut. just because you can cut with the whole length of the tool doesn’t mean you should.

As for your router tanking, I suggest you check your brushes, as there’s no way for a little tool like that to stall it unless there’s something wrong with the router.

Best of luck!

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I’d be examining my router closely, if it were stalling with those settings while cutting chipboard.

Did the motor actually stop or did the bit just stop spinning (indicating a problem with the mounting of the bit).

Is this a newer bit? If the motor stopped and the bit is newer, I’d find a way to test the motor outside of the Shapeoko for proper function. Perhaps the feedback mechanism which adjusts the speed under load isn’t functioning properly (for example).

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