Router Pick Up and Stop

I uploaded the latest versions of Create and Motion.

Previously when I hit start it would pick up about 6 inches, stop and the screen would tell me to change the bit and hit start.

Now, when I hit start it picks up very slightly and continues to pick up as it moves to the starting point and starts cutting.

Also nothing comes on the screen when it’s time to change bits. It stops but does nothing comes on the screen.

Is there a setting I missed?

This is determined by the post-processor in your CAM program. Which and which are you using?

I just have it hooked up to my HP computer.

Where would I find info on its CAM?

Are you using Carbide Create?

What do you have selected under Edit | Select Post Processor — it should be a Carbide 3D machine.

Yes, Carbide Create

Ahh, Didn’t know this was an option.

I guess it had defaulted to Basic G Code.

Guess I need to select Carbide 3D.


I have a Shapeko XXL

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Correct, Carbide 3D Shapeoko


many thanks :grinning:

I guess this was a new option with the latest version