Router wiring placement

I routed the electrical plug for my Dewalt to the right side of the XXL as instructed. Everything else plugs into the left side of the system. Unless I want to run two extension cords I think I need to change things up.

How do you have your spindle power wire routed? Pics appreciated too! Thanks!!

How high is your ceiling?i have the cord for the router hamging from the ceiling right now, but the cord plugs into the wall. Once i get more time i will put a receptacle up there with a switch at my control box…

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I added another drag chain and an aluminum angle to route cleanly out the right hand side:



I have the power cable clipped to a “badge-springy-thing-with-the-string” to keep it constrained from getting caught in something, otherwise, just free hanging directly to the back. Not a great picture, but maybe you can pick it out… The clip is visible above an to the left of the router (white, says “Dell” on it)


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