Router won't move more than 5mm

I have a shapeoko 3. All settings seem to be ok. I moved to a new laptop. When using the cnc for laser projects it works fine. Today I tried to use the router to cut a pattern. Then machine initializes. But when I try to jog it moves 5mm on the x axis and 5mm on the y axis. In laser mode it moves around the table.
I have no idea what is wrong.
Thanks for any help
PS Z axis seems to be ok.

The travel dimensions in Carbide Motion’s Settings page (under the “Machine” section) may have been altered/reset, check if the X and Y limit values at set to 5mm there ? If so, just click on Load Defaults and select your Shapeoko model/type to reset them to proper values

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Are you using Lightburn for laser projects? If so, many people have a “Use Laser” macro and a “Use CNC” macro. Did you reset it to “Use CNC” before you last quit Lightburn?

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Thanks. I stumbled across that travel dimensions. Not sure why it changed to 5mm. But it is working now.

Yes I’m aware of those macros. I tried the cnc macro many times. It was the travel dimensions.

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