Routers/Spindles choice

So i just pulled the trigger on my XXL and cant wait to get it here. But i need feed back on which to purchase router wise. Im looking at the dewalt and the Makita mainly. Can anyone suggest one over the other. Later on i will go with a VFD water-cooled or air-cooled but not at this time.

thanks in advance.


Either is a good choice, depends on what one wishes to do, sort of collets one wants to use, &c.

There’s a video:

and a list:

  • Dewalt has finer-grained speed control, Makita lower and higher range of possible speeds (the lower speeds are especially useful on plastics and wood)
  • Dewalt has multiple precision collet options (standard ones as well as the ER-style collets from Precise Bits), Makita has a single source for precision collets (albeit in a variety of sizes)
  • Dewalt has lights, the Makita does not[5]
  • Dewalt has a plastic button on the Body, which limits Z plane positioning inside the mount, Makita has a more Robust Tool changing mechanism, with a cylinder push lock below the shaft, which will allow more mounting options in the Z plane[6]
  • Makita bearings easier to change
  • Makita brush life longer and replacements less expensive and easier to change

Also note that there are clones of the Makita available in various colours:

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I have no experience with the Makita but as great as the shapeoko is, it is still limited on it feed rates. With that in mind the ability to run the router at a lower speed i.e the Makita will be beneficial in dialing in your speeds and feeds.
Congratulations on your purchase.


Thanks for the advice all. i have seen on a dialed in machine with a 1/4 bit on walnut taking passes at 1/8 deep at a time. So i hope i will be able to achieve this once mine comes in. but im pretty sure i will go with the makita for now.

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I have 2 machines, one has a Dewalt and one has a Makita. I would recommend the Makita for 2 reasons. The Makita can go to a low rpm which can be helpful with certain materials and the brushes seem to last much longer (at least mine do). I have 2 Dewalt router for my one machine and the brushes wear out 4 times faster than the Makita. Don’t know if this is the case for other but it is for me.

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Thanks for the advice. im going with the makita to see how things go

I have a Makita and very happy with it. The real big advantage with it is the 10k lowest speed, I find that most useful. A bonus at that speed is the low noise.

Not having a Dewalt I cannot comment on WillAdams statement that the Dewalt has finer-grained speed control. I can however include a chart of speed vs dial number on my Makita (which I would assume to be pretty standard over all Makita 701s). Hope that it helps.

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IMHO, I find the pairing of the Porter Cable 450 and SuperPid to be quite effective.

The 450 is easy to modify and there is plenty of information on the SuperPid’s web site to help you hook it up whatever way you want.

Granted, the SuperPid is the price of a new router, but being ableto run the 450 at 6,000 RPM and have precise control over the RPMs at a 25rpm give/take is wonderful.


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Yes Jeff that is certainly one drawback for the Makita, very difficult if not impossible to modify for the SuperPID, not enough room. The SuperPID people were not at all that helpful with information on converting a Makita either, I do envy you having the SuperPID.

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The makita will serve me for now. My plans are to upgrade to at least a 1Kw spindle in the near future.

Remember David that a Makita is not all that far off 1Kw anyhow.