Routing GRBL board elswhere. I need longer motor cables

I want to place all my sensitive electronics away from flying chips and cutting oil. Does anyone know where I can get nema 23 extension cables?

Not aware of anyone selling cables, but it’s straight-forward to get wire, the connectors, and a crimping tool:

Thank you William,

didn’t even think to check the wiki!

FYI - the Radio Shack link for the crimpers is not working. It just goes to the Radio Shack main page. Maybe they no longer carry the crimpers or the part number changed.

Thanks. Looks like it’s been discontinued.

Try this one: — recommended here:

Updated the wiki

Thanks. That one looks decent and reasonably priced… These crimpers can get crazy expensive, especially if you are only using them occasionally.

I’m confused. Why not just cut the motor wires, splice in the necessary amount of additional wire (using the correct size/color wire. Cover the splice with some good 3M shrink tubing and be done with it. Total cost, about $20.

That’s what i was thinking, solder is cheap :smiley:

This looks like a good insulated wire, reasonably priced too.

I just wasn’t sure if it would affect the reliability of the stepper motors extending the cables and if there was a official way to go about it.

How far are away are you planning on relocating the box?

Maybe 5 feet or so. Not far.