Routing of cables on back of SO3 Standard Size


Another newbie question here. I thought I followed the instructions to put all the cable ties with the router and other cables (homing, stepper motors). But when it moves around the full 16"x16" table, the cable is falling to the surface and catching on the clamps and then throwing it all off. Here are several pictures. Any suggestions on how to make sure it stays above the board but also has enough cord to freely move around the entire board?

Thanks everyone.

The images in the instructions have the cables coming out of the top of the control box:

Could that be the cause of your issues?


Yes, I’m afraid your controller is mounted upside down :frowning:

Well, now I’m thoroughly confused. The manual clearly states to pull it out the bottom… Here is a picture from the manual. I guess I’ll email support now. Thanks


So that’s yet another change they must have made over time and I never paid attention, sorry for introducing any confusion. I agree it’s best to clear things up with support then (and/or @WillAdams may be more up to date than I am on assembly instructions)

No need to apologize - I truly appreciate everyone’s willingness to help and respond. This community is amazing. I emailed support and will wait to see what they say.

The picture I posted from the website… it does look different to both your machine and the manual in that there seems to be a white delrin/plastic mounting plate on the website instructions’ picture.

Julien is probably right (which is not unusual) in that there might be some revisions in the design and orientation.

Initially I was very confused since the machine I have (an XL) has the controller on the left Y-Axis and lots of cable chains.

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