Rubberband gun build

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I found this design on easel but it is originally from here. I tried to cut it and build it with some hiccups. Now I’ve shown it to some people and actually have some demand for them and wanted to optimize it where possible.

The actual build is time consuming due to gluing all the layers, but not complicated. I modified the design I found since there were some errors and also tried to place tabs in areas that would make it easy to knock out with a chisel (flat spots where possible).

It is semi-automatic and you can load 4 rubberbands at once.

I’ve shared the modified design here here


(Lake Forest, Ca. ) #2

Thanks for sharing.

I got an error on my iPad after I signed to inventables, project not publicly shared?


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Hmm, 22 clicks and you are the first to say anything…

I must not have clicked “save” after getting the shared link.

Try this one

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(Lake Forest, Ca. ) #4

Yeah, I thought that was weird too. Sometimes links do unexpected things in the Safari/iPad world.

The new one works fine, thanks again!


(Michael) #5

perhaps you should check out CutRocket, carbide 3ds project sharing site. The plans for this gun are on there.


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I get http 500 error on both desktop and mobile trying to look at the plans there. However, I modified my easel version since there are a couple issue with the one i found. Mainly the “sight” that holds the rubberbands on the front is 4 layers wide, but should actually be 2 layers. I may also modify the trigger to only be 2 layers where your finger actually goes as well since 4 seems too wide.

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(Michael) #7

you are correct, I have reached out to tech support and they are looking into it… Possibly an update to the site. It usually works fine. Will update if I find anything out


(Michael) #8

CutRocket is now fixed and up and running.

RubberBand Gun



(F B) #9

I was interested to see if this version had the errors I fixed in my version. Looks like it is only vcarve files which I can’t open. A couple people asked in the comments about it months ago with no response.


(Michael) #10

I saw that… Well if you find the urge to share your findings on CutRocket I’m sure plenty of members are in the same boat as you with the files, and would be grateful for your help.

I read the comments and you are correct. the member stated that they included g code, which is not present in files.

I know when I plan to post any builds on there it will be done with Carbide Create for ease of use for other members.

Sorry the files aren’t quite what they were meant to be