Rulers and Guides

Would it be possible to get adjustable rulers and be able to place guides in CC? Similar to what is in Adobe Illustrator. This would make laying out projects easier.

You can change the grid spacing in the setup tab. If you click gear icon on the top left and then go to Document Background>Edit the top table in that new window should show grid spacing. It references the units selected on the previous page, so if it shows inch and you are wanting to have grid spacing in metric, you’d need to change that value first.

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Thanks for the reply. I know about the settings. Counting squares isn’t as easy as reading the ruler and dropping a guide to line up your work. I am a graphic artist by day and used to working with rulers and guides in my workflow. Thought it may be a bit easier for some people especially when you have sight issues.

This has been requested as a feature in the past. We’ll see what happens on it.

Until then, the work-arounds are:

  • count squares as @Radiation noted
  • draw geometry to check a size — since Carbide Create draws from the inside out this results in a piece of geometry twice as large as needed, but scaling to 0.5 will get one an accurate measurement from point to point
  • import a ruler — there was one drawn up in the thread: Ruler in Carbide create and c.f., Ruler in Carbide create
  • draw in a 3rd party application such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape or Serif’s Affinity Designer and import an exported SVG.

Thanks fWill thanks for the reply.
I drew my designs in CC. I found that if you import a SVG from Illustrator it either moves things around or brings the artwork in the wrong size. If you export the SVG from CC to SVG and import to Illustrator you get some strange things. No issues though, it’s part of the fun finding solutions.
The whole Carbide Create/Motion works fine and you guys are updating all the time.

I only had the machine since December and really am now working on my first major project.

You should be able to export from Adobe Illustrator as an SVG and have things import as one would expect into Carbide Create. If this doesn’t work, let us know and we’ll sort it out with you.

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