Run GCode from specific line? (Fusion + Carbide Motion)

I had to pause a job midway through today, but I made sure to keep as much info about where I was as I could. What I know is:

Current Line on pause.
Code ran before pause.
Zero for XYZ.

How do I resume from here tomorrow?
One solution I’ve seen is to remove most of the content of the file before the line I was at. This sounds promising, so my first question is then; how do I know precisely what to remove?

The GCode is made with Fusion 360 using the Carbide3d post processor preset, if that matters.

I’m also wondering, is it possible to export a toolpath from Fusion 360 directly specifying where in it I’d like to start?

Thankful for any pointers in the right direction!

If you must do this:

  • note what line the machine is currently sending (or determine where it was by measuring the deepest area correctly cut)
  • pause, then stop the job and shut things down
  • open up the G-Code file in a text editor
  • identify the preamble and copy it — see G-Code and for the details of the codes
  • go to the line # noted above
  • scroll up from there until you find a move down from safety height
  • delete everything from the line above that line to the beginning of the file
  • paste in the preamble at the beginning
  • save under a new name

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