Running carbide motion on tablet?

Ive got a kindle tablet but it only allows apps. Im leary of using my work laptop in the woodshop. Is there another type of tablet that would work or should i just get a small laptop?

You would need a tablet which runs an OS which Carbide Motion runs on:

See the system requirements on the download pages.

A fanless (sealed) tablet makes a lot of sense in a shop environment, but normal tablet OSs such as Android or iOS are not an option at this time.

I use a raspberrypi for carbide motion, but it comes with it’s own quirks, and it runs a version of linux, so you have to know how to get around in it. If you don’t have a full computer in the shop, you’ll be running back and forth between your design computer and the cnc computer. Carbide Motion uses so few resources, you could get an older cast-off laptop to run it, and then you already have a monitor too.

fusion 5 tablet runs windows 10 or 11 $180 amazon works great

My recommendation is also the Fusion 5 tablet (make sure to get the Windows version) available on Amazon. I have ran them on 4 different Shapeokos. Get that and a Rii mini-keypad and you have a really useable set-up.

Wonderful! Thanks for all the recommendations and points of clarification. I appreciate it.

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Now $208 and up, but still a great value…

I was impatient and ended up buying a small laptop at Best Buy for $189. It will do the job. I had to disable the safe mode OS so it would allow the programs to be loaded but otherwise I think it will do the job and it’s about the size of a tablet so it doesn’t take up much space. Thanks to all who provided guidance! Jen


Here’s the tablet I’m running from Amazon. Works perfect. About $130.


Was yours clean when you got it? Seems a number of review posts indicating the Virus:Win32/Sality.AT was found on their brand new unit.

For the money it looks like a great option to replace the Mac book I have in my shop connected to my S4XXL.

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Might be a good idea to wipe the tablet and install a fresh version anyway. Help get rid of all the spam that usually come on there even if it’s not infected by a virus.

4 tablets and mine have all been good. I do go thru and delete everything that I don’t need.

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The one I bought was all clean. Like others have said I just deleted all the crap that came preloaded on it. Been running solid.

The suggestions below were very helpful. First I kept the laptop plugged in and then changed the power setting to high performance and the loss of connectivity went away! Thanks

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