Running .tap files syntax error

I bought a custom program for a product that’s outside my skill set. The program came in .tap file format and looks good on but I get a syntax error when I try to load it on carbide motion.

I’m running the most recent build.

Hi @Simon,

.tap is just a text file just like .nc, so most probably there is a problem in the generated G-code in there, that is not suitable for a Shapeoko/Nomad.

Do you use a suitable post-processor ? If you can upload the file that is giving you errors (which errors by the way?) it will be easier to pinpoint the problem

You really shouldn’t buy G-Code files — Grbl has a very specific subset of G-Codes which it supports and as @Julien noted, it usually uses a post-processor to adapt the CAM output to it.

What syntax error do you get in Carbide Motion? Transcribe it or post a screen grab?

The file is too largem here is a link to the file
in gdrive.


I’ll post the error when I get to work this afternoon.

Screen grab error

here is the error

and a list of something the guy gave me to export in.

is there any chance one of these will help?

So I took a look at the file, and it’s not in the “supported” G-code format.
That error you get if the first line being “:0001”
If you remove that you then get an error on the next line, which has a G80 code, etc…
So bottom line, what @WillAdams said, you cannot use a G-code file that was not generated with a GRBL-compatible post-processor on a Shapeoko, I’m afraid.

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just to be clear im on the nomad

Yeah sorry, I should have left out the “Shapeoko” part of the sentence, but the logic remains.
Actually, I played with the file, and if I delete the first line (:0001) and remove G80 from the third line, Carbide Motion will load it with no error. I have no tried to execute it though, I will leave that to you if you feel adventurous and want to try an air cut

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it seems to work on a air cut. ill put some cheep stock in it and see. thank for your help.

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