S03 Stepper Motor XAxis Issue

I’m having “X Axis” stepper motor issue. I can “hear” the motor after the command is sent but the motor does not move. The “X Axis" motor does not stay in a locked position when I power up S03 like the Y & Z Axis motors do . I have reset the Controller board a few times and reloaded GRBL 9j w/ no luck.

Is it possible to reset the motor or do you think the motor is INOP? The “X Axis"belt and cam are tight and don’t think those two items seem to be the issue.

Also, when everything (Shapeoko 3) is powered down and you move the router (left, right, up & down) a blue light will flash on the Controller Board. Well, the blue light blinks for Y & Z Axis but no light when you move X Axis.

Take a look - https://goo.gl/photos/eyoCisB11FaBssTe9


Either the motor or the stepper driver is probably bad.

Test by swapping the Z- and X- axis leads, thine contacts support@carbide3d.com and they’ll square you away.


Thanks and will do and let you know what I find. I also found this on Shapeoko Wiki page.

Plus a video which shows “how to test bipolar stepper motors without a driver circuit, power source, or multimeter” @ http://youtu.be/VlLOfLwJHew



I tested your recommendation and it’s versa regarding Z & X Axis controls (jogging) on my machine. The pulse generator must be INOP on my stepper motor.

I reach out to the e-mail address you provide as well.