S3 Backlash / Belt Stretch

I think the belts on my S3 have stretched. Is it normal for there to be 0.13mm of backlash even after tightening them?


Do you have steel core belts? Are you under warranty? (12 months) have you had a premature failure? — if so, contact us at support@carbide3d.com

If the belts have failed from a reasonable amount of use beyond the warranty period, a Maintenance Kit should get you up and running:

They are close to two years old at this point so I figured it might be time to replace them. I did notice in the product description that it lists 9mm width even when the S4 is selected. Thought the S4 had wider belts. Might want to distinguish that in your product listing.

Out of curiosity what is limiting me from putting the wider belts on. Like if it got the wider pully and longer screws + extra bearing for the idlers would that work? The stepper motors seem to have enough length for the grub screw of the wider pully to grip, but it wouldn’t be enough for the enter pully to be on the shaft.

The wider belts won’t fit on an SO3 because of the limited length of the motor shafts and other mechanical issues.

Roger that. Thanks!!

Incase anyone is interested I was able to get actual Gates GT2 belts from Filastruder:

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