S3 Controller Board Problems with Spindle Run Pin

Well, it’s been a long time since I last posted here. But I’m having an issue.

I have an S3 with the v2.4d controller board on it. I have a SuperPID attached to it. This all worked fine for years and years.

I moved a couple of times and the machine hasn’t run for 2 years. I got it all setup again and started using it but the Spindle Run pin is acting weird.

When I start the program and send an M3 to start the spindle everything is fine. The voltage on the pin drops to 0v as expected.

But after a little bit (minutes) the voltage starts to climb and when it hits about 3.5v the SuperPID turns off the motor (as expected.)

Then after that it won’t drop the pin to 0v again until the board sits for quite a while (hours.)

This feels like a bad capacitor or something but I can’t imagine the few large capacitors on the board are involved with the Run pin and all the others are tiny SMDs.

Do I try and troubleshoot? Or do I just drop the $100 on a new controller board?


Saw your thread over on Reddit — bummer to hear about the need to move a second time — great to hear that your machine is ready to be used again!

Let us know about this at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll work out how to handle it.

Hey Will, long time no chat. I’ll reach out to support, thanks.

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Well, this is my current solution. The failure pushed me to wire up the manual controls on the SuperPid.

So now I can turn on the spindle with a switch. The Shapeoko controller can still set the speed using the PWM output so it works out okay.


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