S3 XXL Header/Footer settings for F-Engrave

Hi all,

Got my machine last week, having a blast and looking to go a bit deeper.

Would anyone mind confirming their header settings they use in F-Engrave? I’ve tried to cobble a few together from various searches but seem to running into issues. I’m sure it’s user error, so I’m curious what people are using in their F-Engrave configs.

Do the settings here:


not work?

What kind of issues? My computer with F-engrave is not with me at the moment, but if you get a screenshot of the settings window I could tell you what I had or close to it.

Thanks for the prompt replies.

I’ve uploaded my settings page. I’ve made a little headway at piecing together the correct header and postscript, but am currently getting a GRBL error about setting the feedrate.

I’m guessing I’m missing an F command? I understand G20 puts GRBL into “inches mode”, but I’m not clear on setting the feedrate via an F command.

Do folks typically set this in their header or manually edit the gcode files?

If you’re having a problem using Carbide Motion it’s probably CM being picky — send the file in to support@carbide3d.com and we’ll try to get a developer to look at it.

Are you sure it’s looking for the F feedrate and not the feedrate mode. Put a G94 in your header to explicitly set feedrate as “per minute” mode, the grbl default.
I don’t use CM, but that may be the issue.

thanks – I’ll try that this evening. I was able to get things moving by manually adding an F10 to my first G1 command in the file.

Didn’t F-engrave define a feedrate?

I believe the problem is it defines the feed rate on a line by itself.

Please send in any problematic files to support@carbide3d.com and we’ll try to have a developer look into it.

Thanks – will do. Going to experiment a bit more this evening with looking at some Carbide Create produced files alongside the F-Engrave ones to get more insight, and learn a bit more gcode in the process.

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