S3XL stopped in middle of project

It stopped and won’t restart. Have red and green lights but nothing moves. Right Y stepper motor heats up and sounds like it’s trying to move but Left Y stepper motor does nothing. X stepper motor also heats up and sounds like it wants to move but doesn’t, Z stepper cold and quiet. I have unplugged and reset everything but nothing changes.

Check wiring for continuity. If all connected, contact support@carbide3d.com

It just makes noise but doesn’t move when I’m at the homing machine screen. And what are the flashing red and green light on the board?

The flashing red and green lights are to indicate USB connectivity / communication.

Basically, stuff should “just work” — more-or-less — if things aren’t working, please review all your settings and the basics of the machine setup, and if nothing is obviously, wrong, contact support@carbide3d.com and please describe your problem in excruciating detail, noting at each step, what you do, what you expect, what actually happened.

Make sure “everything” includes the usb cables.

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