Safe Retract in Fusion

Can someone explain safe retract to me, and convince me why it is a good or bad idea to disable it in the post processor?

In my mind, it’s making all retracts go to the highest Z possible right up to the limit switch?

F360 currently has my clearance height at retract +10mm, and my retract default is stock +5mm.

I would love to dial those in when possible/appropriate, but leave the defaults so if I’m not giving it much thought to a fast carve, I pay the penalty of big retracts, but if I am really honing in a job, I can apply some brain power and minimize those retracts.

Are you referring to “G28 Safe Retracts”?

The pop-up says it all.

Well, moreso this one


But same thing.

The safe retracts happen at the beginning and end of your job only. Your post processor is giving the option to use your Clearance Height or G28.
Which post are you using?

The carbide create post with a few modifications (that wouldn’t affect this).



Isn’t “Safe Retracts” saying to use machine Z0 instead of clearance height?

Not by intent. Post one with G28 and one set to Clearance. You’ll see a difference (you can open in any text editor).
If you’ve never set a G28 location, it will be machine zero.

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