Safe Z Question

I use a 3/4 partical board for a waste board when cutting through a project. I am cutting a 1/2" piece on top of a 3/4 piece and my material setting is a 1/2". So my question is should the Safe Z setting be set to 1.5 to lift over both pieces after the bit setter has completed its measurement and ready to cut the material? I can’t remember what I set it to using 2 pieces of material before. I do remember it was not high enough and the bit dragged over the work piece. So the Safe Z was probally set to low. Just need some imput before I start and don’t drag my bit across another piece of material.

The safe z is calculated from the top of the material or in other words the thickness. So if you have 1/2" thickness and have that set in the project the retract height will go up from the top of the material. So you dont have to address the spoilboard thickness. The safe retract height should be as low as possible to avoid any clamps that stick up in the air above your project. If using painters tape and super glue you set the retract very low because there are no obstructions. If you use cam clamps that are above your project then figure out their height and add some for safety.

If working on a tall project make sure you dont set the retract height more than the total height the Z can move. If you do it will skip steps and cause zero problem on your project.

The taller your retract height the longer it takes to move around on rapids and the longer it takes to cut your project. This is very true with a lot of complicated small cuts.


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