Sailboat Half Hull

(Michael Oakley) #1

My first attempt turned out well but challenging.
this was a boat i owned Beneteau 323
Steep faces, long tools needed.
Poplar wood 2" stock
2 sided machining to carve out cockpit


(Guy Donham) #2

Coolaronni. You know what they say about a boat, the happiest days of boat owner are the day you get it and the day you get rid of it. In between it is a big hole in the water to pour money into. (Joking)

It is nice to remember things from the past. Now your boat can be displayed and not cost you any more money.

I once built some doors for a friends sail boat. I built them out of Teak and used epoxy to glue them up. My friend sold the boat about 2 month after I made the doors. The white paper is protective covering over the UV Resistant Polycarbonite. The slots at the bottom are to let air in and on the back side I made a pocket to put another piece of poly carbonite to keep the rough seas out. You just removed the poly to let the air flow. It was a fun project. The doors look square in the picture but they were angled from top to bottom and we used stainless steel for hinges and to lock them open.

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(Luc) #3

Could you provide a bit more info on the process you used for this. Was it an imported 3D model? What software did you use to make it? How did you go about it? Anything else we can learn from your project?


(Michael Oakley) #4

I created the model in Fusion 360, and programmed it in Fusion 360.
The final result requires light sanding.
Since this is my only piece of equipment other than a dremel, my goal was to get it done so it could be hand sanded. I could benefit from a belt sander because i left stock on the back side so i could drive tool paths passed the actual bottom and still have stock when i flipped it.
Attached is the file with all the operations.
there may be better approaches but these worked, always looking for suggestions.