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I am attempting to build a waist relief on a guitar but the plan I have doesn’t provide a good taper details in the imported design.

So it seems I am having to build 90 individual vectors over the 1.5" from the start of the taper to the edge of the guitar body. Trim the vectors create a cut path each cutting .0109" deeper than the previous. Having to build each of them is time consuming. But, I will continue to work on these unless someone has a suggestion?

It’s that, write a program, model in 3D using a pixel image or vector in Carbide Create Pro, or suitable 3D CAD/CAM solution — or you could use a rasp – while Nicholson’s quality has fallen off precipitously, Tools for Working Wood in NYC has been importing some made by a gentleman in Pakistan working to their specifications and the couple of gotten have been great.

handles are made in the U.S., and at the moment they are all in stock (which is probably a bad thing for my wallet and sleeping arrangements, since thus far I only have the smaller/finer ones: Gramercy Tools Hand Cut Modeller's and Rat-tail Rasps)

Another option is a “Shinto saw rasp” — better for flat surfaces, but it will remove a surprising amount of material with a minimal effort and leaves a quite smooth surface.

Or, buy Auriou or Liogier.

I’m wondering if you fake it out with a v-bit of the right slope. ( this is provided that the slope of cutout is constant). If you run a v bit tracing a curve and then move it over and down so that the angled flute is aligned (maybe slight overlap) with prior cut might get you there. You may need to rough it out first



I think that would do it. It would require some math. Brilliant idea!!!


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Any chance you can share some tool paths with me?

That was just a huge guess. What angle, or what is the offset on the edge of the body?
And that was on a telecaster body I had laying around. I just guessed about 10°
And I also made the assumption that it was a perfect circular / conical surface.
Share your file & let me know what the angle or max offset is, and I’ll whip it up & send it back.

Let me preface this with, This is litterally the first thing I have attempted to build on carbide create. So, if you see weird things on my other tool paths. Im learning. The start of the taper is in the layers as taper. I am looking to get a final thickness of .0875" at the edge of the guitar. Measurements below.

Thank you for your help.

Backside Tool paths.c2d (176 KB)

Model and make that I am attempting to build. PRS Custom 24.

Easiest thing is to draw things up in profile:

and add circles to get the measurements:

Then draw up the angle:

and draw up the tool and work out how many passes one wants to take:

and use Trim Vectors to shorten things as required:

and assign a toolpath to the correct depth:

repeat until one finishes.

Here’s a start:

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Thank you for the help!

Here’s where I left off:

Backside Tool paths_v7.c2d (328 KB)

Here’s version using John’s V-carve idea.

This is the tool. Use a 1/4" ball for the actual cut.

And the operations. All I’m doing is changing the Max Depth with each path. Keep going until you get to 1.050…

Backside Tool paths-V-carve.c2d (196 KB)

I also have a PRO version with the relief modeled. But I’m guessing from your first post you don’t have PRO???

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