Same tool, two tool paths - how to run it in one go?

Hi, Hello to all,
Completely nooob to CNC and Carbide 3D, so I try not to break anything here.
I am milling a plywood profile with many through holes ( 2.5mm radius ) and matching 5mm deep hexagonal pockets to act as counter-sink and hold M5 nuts. In CarbideCreate Pro I have created two tool paths, one for the through holes and another for the Hex-pockets. The 1/8 end mill can cut both successfully according to the simulations related to each toolpaths. Here is the noob question:
Since I am not changing cutting tool, can I run both toolpaths in one go and how ?

Hey Welcome Max! Since it’s the same 1/8in end mill for each tool path, just save the gcode with both tool paths enabled in Carbide Create as one file, and you’re good to go.


Awesome. All CC3D tutorials focusing on how to save and run the toolpaths separately in a multipath project. Now I started to understand the logic. Thank you for the tip

You’re welcome! Saving each tool path separately is necessary when using different end mills; so as you may have figured out, it’s best to save gcode files that group tool paths that use the same tool. This is why something like the BitSetter is nice to have since you can save all of your tool paths in one gcode file and your cutter offsets are automatically measured keeping depths consistent.


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