Sanding stone inlay

I’m starting a project where I will pocket out the wood and use stone powder and CA glue to fill it. Any suggestions on the best way to sand the stone? Here is my test piece and it was not easy to get the stone sanded with 60 grit paper.

Maybe try some of these pads at

Work great for Marble countertop’s not sure how they will work in your application.

Best of luck

Nice project, not knowing the type of stone you are using, I was going to suggest a diamond abrasive that is used for tools to cut stone and porcelain but I think Micheal’s suggestion is probably the best. Can you share the material you are using? It seems to offer a good contrast with wood. Is it available in different colors?

Thanks. I’ll check it out

I found jars of crushed stone at michaels. I looked it up and it’s 100% quartz. It comes in several colors

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Keep us posted on your project and the techniques you develop.

I did a crushed stone project a ways back (pre-Shapeoko) and I used 60 grit and an an orbital sander for what was probably about an hour of sanding. I cheated a little by using the edge of the sander to knock down high spots and pressed a bit harder on the sander that I probably should have. A belt sander or Rotex might have been a better tool for the job but it was what I had. It worked great just took a long time.



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