Saunders Extended Fixture Plate for Nomad2/3

Hey guys,

Saunders came out with an extended fixture plate 10.5 x 8" for Nomad 2 and 3 that works with the low profile vice and flip jig from carbide 3D

I’ve got it and had a first look at it:

Might be useful for anymore looking into machining larger parts or metal.

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I like it and was going to buy one but the lack of locating bores is a bit of a dealbreaker for me. I know they sell locating pins that register against the counterbore of their threaded holes but they’re only for the Imperial plates and I suspect they wouldn’t be compatible with the stock vise or flip jig.

Maybe I need to try boring my own locating holes but I’m not sure if I can hold a tight enough tolerance to be useful.


no, I looked at it, it has locating holes for flip jig and stock vise and fits right on there:

Hmm, interesting. The website says:

Does not contain locating bores for 1/4" dowel pins.

Maybe this is something else on their other plates then?

I tried it with my flip jig and stock vise. Both fit on the saunders plate, the flip jig slots right in the alignment holes and there isn’t any play really, the carbide 3D vise also aligns with two of its holes to fix it in place. What is also nice is that the carbide 3D waste board fit on there. I purchased the metric version though!

Maybe the saunders website isn’t quite up to date yet as the new plate just came out mid april!

You’re saying the metric Saunders plate works with the Carbide accessories? Saunders uses 20mm hole spacing M6 for the metric plate while carbide uses 1” (25.4mm) spaced M6.

If the carbide vise and waste board bolt on I’ll gladly buy one of these plates but it seems from the spec sheets that they wouldn’t line up on the metric plate!

Edit: watched the OP video. That’s very interesting, guess I need to order one.

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Hey you make a good point about the 20mm spacing for Saunders and 25.4mm for Carbide3D plate. I tried finding the spacing for the Carbide3D plate but can’t find it. Are you sure it is 25.4mm and not 25mm? Otherwise not sure why it works so well but definitely works out in the video, holes and screws all align :smiley:

Note for the Carbide3D vise only 2 holes align, but that should be enough to fix it in place. For waste board they made additional holes so all 5 screws fully screw in.

Here is also the vid again

When I measured it came out to 1"


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