Save toolpaths in this

file…or door number 2 Save toolpaths to a new C2D file? I’m using Create V7 Build 743 for reference.

There is door number 3 that is “greyed out” Save as G-code (Pro Only) but I haven’t got there just yet. So I’m thinking ahead on my files, what if I want to change perimeters later? Do I save first to one location and in addition save to a new C2D file? I’ve gone back through many of the Carbide videos thinking I’ve seen something on this but can’t find it. Many thanks.

Unfortunately, in the current version, “Save toolpaths to a new C2D file” also opens that file in Carbide Create, duplicating the functionality of File | Save as… — changing this to writing out a new file, but leaving the file state of the currently open file unchanged has been put forth as an enhancement request.

No problem, I’ll live and manage what we got…

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