Saving a X,Y,Z Location

So I was doing a project that required me to remove the part from the bed, and return it for additional tool paths. In the process I accidentally zero’d my X and Y when I was just trying to zero my Z. This made me think…

Is there a way to write down or save a zero’d X and Y coordinate so that if lost you can set it back? My only thought was returning it to the homing position and recording the relative negative values. I think it would be great if Carbide Motion would have a few “Save Slots” to save a location so that with multiple projects going on you could switch to an old “home location”.

That was already a feature request for the upcoming version of Carbon Motion that is still in development but we are told it should come out SOON. No word from C3D however to confirm which new feature will be implemented. You can check the thread here: Carbide Motion - What do you want to see?.

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The way I try to work with this is to always have my zero be at the same point as a rapid position point.

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