Saving Forum bookmarks in Chrome

Using Windows 10 and Google Chrome browser.

I have been saving a Bookmark for all the awesome information on various threads.
I just went to look for one of them … NOT !!

I checked the Bookmark manager, searched … nothing. Oops

So when I sent Bookmark on the Forum, where do they get saved ?
I was assuming they were in a Forum profile, but no.

Ideas ?

The “Bookmark” feature seems to be a time feature where a post/thread will be shown as new/relevant at a certain time.

This sort of thing was why I recorded so many links in the old Shapeoko wiki — back to doing that at:

(but it’s not quite as nice, and I have to admit that when at home I’ll often edit my archive copy of the wiki)

If there’s a thread or post which you think merits more attention we could see about pinning it, or adding it to the thread of memorable threads:

Ok, I will start saving “Bookmarks” in the Google Chrome.

That way I can save the threads in some folder structure in Chrome and not have to have an overall scheme that would fit everyone’s legitimate point of view.

After 30 days, I understand that the Forum will drop the thread, but the ORIGINAL URL will still be valid.
Yes/No ?

Yes, the URLs seem to be persistent — the system even tracks edits and going to an old URL will take one to the new/revised destination.

Ok, then that’s the plan going forward.

I did take a quick look at @Julien collection of threads
I already saved a Chrome bookmark for that.