Saving "grid spacing" and other defaults

(Jeff) #1

Probably a bit of a minor nitpick, but it would be nice if CC had the ability to save the grid spacing setting between sessions.

I’ve noticed that things like stock size and material type seem to get saved between sessions, but grid spacing and retract height always revert back to their internal default values.
Was hoping that saving their new values as defaults could be added in a future version? Particularly the grid spacing, since that one is a bit buried, and I always forget to go in there and reset it when starting a new design.


(William Adams) #2

Best workaround is to make up a library of template .c2d files which are set to be read-only and open those, and resave them with a different name after opening.

(Byrne Pedit) #3

Agreed. Add to that, especially, retract height. I’m guessing many of the rudimentary aspects of CC are due to being cross-platform. Forgetting to reset that can add significant time to a low plunge rate material job like pearl.

(Jeff) #4

the blank .c2d files is a sensible workaround, thanks.

Still think it’s a worthwhile feature request though. Especially from a consistency standpoint. If nothing was ‘sticky’, I could understand. But some settings being persistent and others not, seems strange to me.