Saving tool from file into new library

I recently downloaded a file that someone had created, and I wanted to use the same tool settings in a pocket toolpath, in my own contour toolpath. I know that I can mostly recreate a new tool based on some of the settings shown in their saved tool path, but is there a way for me to directly save the tool embedded in the carbide create file into my tool library, without having to manually create one and mimic the settings?

Short answer is NO.

You will have to create a custom library and tool. When creating a custom tool if you know the parameters you can enter then in the custom tool. If you do not know the parameters you can go to the OEM site but be careful. Many of the OEM tools have fantastic F&S for a hobby machine. Many of the F&S the OEM recommends are for an industrial machine and not a hobby machine. One option is to copy a similar tool parameters from the C3D tool library to star with. Then experiment with that and change the parameters as necessary. Start conservative and change conservatively. You can always up the feed rate in CM without modifying the tool.

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