Saving tool paths

Is it best to save per tool path or for the whole job? Why?

If I am not doing anything between the toolpaths I save them all together.

Sometimes I have a multi step process where I have to do things to the material (paint/epoxy/whatever) between paths. In that case I typically save multiple files but will often have all the toolpaths in each file but disable the ones that I don’t want to run. It makes it easier for me to reference the other paths if I need to.

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I create all my tool paths in one file. As stated, you can disable paths. When I have multiple tools it is nice to just go, changing bits as needed.

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As @Zman stated make all your tool paths but if you just want to run one at a time just disable the ones you dont want to run and save the c2d file. Then run the single tool path and go back into CC and disable that one and enable the next one and save the c2d file. Rinse Repeat as necessary.

In the old days of CC 3 you had to run each tool path separately. In those days you saved each tool path gcode and run them sequentially. In the modern version of CC you can still run them sequentially but using the disable tool path. Always run the least intrusive toolpaths first finishing with a contour cutout tool path last.

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That is exactly what I am doing but maybe I am missing a step between bit changes. Not sure. I have to re-initialize the bitsetter for it to start working again.

There is no reason to have to reinitialize to get the BitSetter to work again. There is a problem.

You didn’t disable it in the CM settings did you?

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