Say it in 24K GOLD

This quote has been with me (JPL Office, then my workshop) for the last 15+ years, and it was time to give it a permanent home rather than a printed piece of paper…


Very clean mate, I like it a lot.

Couldn’t help but notice the gold leaf is edible…

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Great work, surprised to see you working with wood.

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Beautiful–so nicely done!!

Haha, you know me…not a fan of wood, but I am working on something really original, and it needed to be made with wood (light and dark), and while I was at Rockler, I couldn’t find a small piece of Black Walnut and said…well, I just I’ll finally make that sign (it’s been 15 years).

I can’t wait to show the next wood project (IF it works, I’m still working on it)

January’s project is a STEEL, (and special steel) project and it will blow your mind…very very original…again, IF it works.

Stay tuned…

EDIT: I was just thinking that while this project is made with real 24Kgold, January’s project is will be made using DIamonds…What’s next? (I’m running out of precious materials) haha


Can you mill a good vanilla pudding? Sorry, it’s my favorite, just thought I’d ask :wink:

Cool stuff as always Rich!


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