Screw drive Hybrid Material clamping/ material holding

I have created a screw drive clamping/stop system for the Shapeoko 4/Pro hybrid table.
I have been personally using it and it works very well.

download (2)
download (3)

download (5)
download (6)
download (7)
download (8)



That’s very close to something @edwardrford and I have been working out. Glad it’s working well in real life.

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So the black levers move along the screw and squeeze the work against the green stops?

How do you go about setting the green stops? I’d imagine you’d want them to be perfectly in line with the gantry? (BTW: I don’t have a 4, so if the green stops are already std issue, I don’t know it).

Is it possible to have the black and green levers in the same slots? I’d imagine that would hold smaller work better?

Thank you. Also working on a stop/clamp.

I am currently working on a stop/clamp that have the serrated edges front and back. So the green stops wouldn’t be necessary.

I am also working on a similar system that will work with the smaller t track.

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