Screws shipped with the tiger claws and lock stops

I’ve been playing with my new Nomad 3 and so far things are looking great! I did hit one snag, though, and I thought that one deserved some public shaming :slight_smile:

I bought the Tiger Claw Clamps and Lock Stops, because they looked like a great way to hold your work, as well as the threaded table, so that I have something to screw them into. Well, as it turns out, the screws shipped with the lock stops and clamps (M6x16) are too long for the threaded table, which makes the combination essentially unusable. Additionally, much to my surprise, the screws shipped with the clamps require a different, larger key (not shipped) :man_facepalming: Why would anyone ship 5mm hex key screws for the clamps and 4mm hex key screws for the lock stops?

Amusingly enough, Carbide3D does have the right screws — the ones shipped with the Nomad for attaching the wasteboard to the metal table would work just fine! These M6x10 screws with a 4mm hex key opening should be shipped instead of the bizarre selection we get with the lock stops and tiger claws.

I’ll go hunting around for some M6x10 screws now, but given the pricing for those claws/stops and the value proposition of everything “working out of the box”, this is somewhat discouraging.

I brought that up as well, but I had a bunch of m6 bolts on hand already so it wasn’t as big of a deal to me.


I also discovered this the other day and was surprised and disappointed.

Ended up buying this variety pack on Amazon:

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