Script font for small letters

I’m looking for a good script font for something with letters around 1 inch. I have 30, 60 and 90 B bits. None of the fonts I’ve tried cut well that small. Thanks!

Segoe Script can work well if you’re on Windows, or Lucida Handwriting — these have the advantage of simpler forms and being wide and open enough to not have problematic detailing.

Usually the problem is the grain of the wood — using a finer grained wood with a more acute V endmill and possibly cheating the Z positive on the initial cut, then spraying the wood while it’s still in place w/ a hardening fixative will help preserve detailing.

Post the file you’re having difficulty w/ and the specifics of the cut?


“None of the fonts I’ve tried cut well that small.” Can you tell us what is wrong? Because I have engraved with Script all the way down to 0.030" (0.75mm).
Meaning it kind of hard to fix something without knowing what the problem is.

PS A Photo is worth 1000 words.


I have 20 degree V-Bits that came with my 3018 Engraving CNC. They are very inexpensive on Amazon.
20 Degree V-Bits (10 pack)

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