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In a previous version of CC, you could scroll through the fonts in CC, to see how each one looked. This facility seems to have gone? Any ideas please?

I’ve struggled with the same problem, here is my work-around. I will open Microsoft Word (or just about any program that uses fonts). Type the text I want to use, and use THAT application to make a short list of fonts. I then take that short list and go back to Carbide Create and deal with the tedious process of finding the font in the (semi-sorted) list of fonts.

Or just browse the installed fonts (in windows go to C:\Windows\Fonts) and make your short list from there, but all you see in that preview is “Abg”.

The problem with these methods is that the more fonts you have installed, the harder this method is to manage. If you are a REALLY organized person you could take the time to make your own short list of “CNC friendly” fonts and stick with those.

For those that have V-Carve, does that application do a good job of previewing fonts within a project?

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FWIW, as a professional graphic designer/typographer my solution was to study each font I used, either acquiring a sample booklet — the Adobe Originals were wonderful for that, but unfortunately the page with the PDFs seems to be off-line:

(one could try instead: filetype:pdf original - Google Search )

I would suggest instead, doing a V carve into a piece of scrap and amassing a collection of cut type samples organized by which ones work well (and at what sizes and materials) and which ones don’t.

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I was using an older version of Carbide create, but if you shift tab up to font selection (or tab down? I’m at work and cant check) I was able to use arrow keys to see the different fonts. Not sure if that works on newer versions.

It doesn’t, the current versions require clicking “Apply” for each font change which one wishes to see.

I find this website invaluable to see all the fonts on my computer with the text I wish to use…


Andy, Brilliant, very many thanks, Wordmark is phenomenal, what a find!! Regards, Geoff

I have used Nexusfont to manage my font collection, it allows you to organise fonts into folders and type your text and preview in all fonts.

I’ve just downloaded fontbase, which apparantley lets you install and uninstall fonts while still storing them on your PC. I was having trouble with my PC slowing down due to having a large collection of fonts

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Be aware the default view is of only the fonts that came with Windows.

Scroll to the bottom of the displayed fonts and you will see a note that says an extension is needed for Google Chrome or MicroSoft Edge to view any additional fonts you may have loaded.


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