Sculpting is not too easy!

Here is my latest endeavor.
The simulation looked ok in Artcam, but I need a lot of practice with my sculpting.
Now I get to practice my sanding🤗
It’s on a domed oval, 14"X8"X .6" thick.
Material-pine. Cutters are carbide.
Roughed out with 1/4", 3fl EM, .3 DOC, feed @ 150IPM, plunge @ 50 IPM, speed @ 16000rpm.
Finished with 1/8", 2fl, ball endmill. Stepover/stepdown 10%, but was hitting .3" high walls, feed 150 IPM, PL 75"IPM, S 27000rpm.


dougs_basement_workshop (Instagram, youtube) and maybe somewhere in here, is one of the best I’ve seen at sculpting (on the Shapeoko).

Look him up, he’s a nice guy (maybe even buy something on his Etsy store). LOL

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