Sealing their Waste board

Has anyone here use something like Shellac on their waste board to seal it so over time it does not swell? Im thinking about doing that and let it dry for a day then surface it. Thoughts?

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Surfacing it after sealing it sort of defeats the purpose, unless one is going to do it repetitively (seal, surface, repeat as needed) — I considered that, but settled for just spraying one rattle can worth of spar urethane on my wasteboard, then putting T-track on it, and using inert PVC lumber for a spoilboard (probably should have sprayed the spacer board as well). Any dimensionally critical work gets done on my Nomad and either the low profile vise or aluminum table, or on the Shapeoko, on an MDF fixture plate which I surface immediately before cutting.


Based on some advice here and at lumberjocks I used a 50% solution of water and white PVA glue (elmers or similar). After that a light hand sanding on the surface.