Seeking Design Ideas

Inspired by @TonyMurray I want to make some tall adirondack chairs for the barn where my daughter rides so parents can see over the rails. In my head it all made sense but once I laid things out in CC I just can’t find a way to incorporate their logo and still have something that will work.

My original thought was to have the shape of the logo pretty much be the back of the chair but the design would leave a lot of unsupported wood. The attached image and file shows 3" back slats. I tried 5" and it wasn’t really much better.

I could just to lots of little cutouts of the logo. Or maybe drop the bottom section of the fleur de lis and shift things up but even then the curvature of the horses heads will leave some weird pockets.

Maybe end up with some mixture of the logo being the wood at the top and actually a pocket below?


sw_chair_1.c2d (64 KB)

You could do something to this effect using the back uprights as support then manufacturer a cross support that would run through the middle of the fleur de lis… possibly make the fleur de lis taller to have more wood in the middle? The bottom of the skull is also screwed to the last slat by one 1.5" screw for each. Just some initial thoughts

I will have to experiment and see if I can get supports in where they would help and not show.

The plans I was thinking about have the back slats on a curve which complicates it a little. I am not sold on a plan yet though.

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I down loaded your file and went in and picked one slat and the horse head design and did a boolean to isolate the horse head design to each slat. I had copied the horse head design and put it to the side. As I booleaned each slat I had also copied that slat and put it back in place. So I isolated the horse head design to each slat. You could group each slat with the design and turn it to 90 degrees and cut them individually with a shallow pocket so it does not weaken the slat. Then paint the horse head design for it to stand out.

I would make a tool path for each slat to be carved and then disable all but the first tool path and put that slat on the spoilboard and carve it. Then open it in CC and disable the first toolpath and enable the second and so on. By replacing each slat in the same place the X Y and Z zeros will be used over and over.

sw_chair_1_boolean.c2d (152 KB)