Select all on tab? (minor nitpick)

minor suggestion here, and maybe anyone else can chime in whether this is counter intuitive, but can carbide create automatically select all when tabbing through dialogs?

hitting tab should highlight whatever’s in the next field, so you can just type and replace instead of having to erase / select and erase it then enter a value. most osx and windows setup dialogs do this already, and i can’t speak for other cad but making objects in vectorworks behaves this way on tab press as well.

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This is my biggest pet peeve about CC. Second on the list, but right up there, is when you’re in a data field and it doesn’t let you use Ctrl+A to select all.

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It’s not counter-intuitive and isn’t minor in my opinion. Tabbing into a field should select everything in the field. I think that’s standard Windows behavior. I don’t use Carbide Create any more but this was maddening when I did. And risky, I believe, as you have to be careful to leave parts of existing values when making changes, or else you end up with the wrong value.

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Please try the new build:

see: — tab selects text in destination field, and ctrl a selects all (at least in Windows 10 using CC403).


@brrian vectorworks (what i know how to use cad-wise) has no cam functionality so i kinda have to drop everything into CC to get that going. i downloaded fusion but it’s the most confusing frustration ball to learn in comparison, so the easy one will have to do for now…

@WillAdams nice, basically everything i was looking for got updated. thanks!

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