Selling Nomad 3 Westborough, MA

I have had my Nomad 3 for a little over a year and I do love it but I live in an apartment… :confused: which makes this hobby complicated.

I want to sell it, the machine is in perfect working condition. but it does have a few blemishes from normal use, a scratch near the touch of probe and the hinge for the door is a bit torn. Nothing that impacts the function of the machine.

The machine comes with:

  • bit zero v2
  • threaded table
  • aluminum vice
  • hold down clamps 2x sets
  • ~150lbs of aluminum
  • air pump that does a wonderful job of clearing chips
  • a bunch of end mills

a new nomad is 2800 for just the machine
I am asking for about 2500 for the lot local pick up only

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