Send Directly to Carbide Motion

I just updated Carbide Create to Build 514 and Carbide Motion to Build 519. Now the Send to Carbide Motion option is gone. Was this removed or do I need to do something different now?


I find that sometimes it is there and sometimes it isn’t. I am not sure what causes this.

For me, at least with previous builds, I needed to have Carbide Motion open, then open Carbide Create for the option to show up. Of course I normally open the project first, get it ready, then open Carbide Motion. So I have to quit CC and reopen it. But that’s better than making .nc files. I much prefer to move a project from CC to CM without making needless files.

Also, CM needs to be in the Job window for it to accept a new job from CC.


I believe it’s not implemented yet in the current build.

I also just noticed that all the V Carve operations have been changed in CC. You can no longer set the depth per pass. This eliminates the ability to have a rough and finishing path. Using the new build, all of my v carve operations have the Max Depth value set. This isn’t needed at all because the shape sets the depth.

Wish I could return back to build 400 something but I can’t find a download link to anything but the latest version. My fault, I should have kept the old software instead of overwriting.

you can set that in the tool settings still.
it just moved screens


It’s better to be able to set it per tool path, not per tool. That gives you more control.

For example if I’m doing a wide V carve that will have a depth of 0.2, I can set the depth per pass to 0.15. Then I’ll have what amounts to a roughing pass and a finish pass.

And I don’t have to know the depth of the v carve. I can just vary the max depth checking the simulation until I get a single pass. Then back off a bit and I get a pass of almost the full depth, then a shallow second pass.

I have set up all my cuts this way. In fact, I was going to do a video on how to optimize tool paths in CC using this method, but now it’s no longer available.

the tool settings are per path… (similar to where you put the stepover etc)

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Ahh, I found it in the Edit Tool popup menu. I thought you meant in the tool definition. Glad to know it’s still there.

I’m not sure why the Set Max Depth value was set to 0.025 for all the tool paths in projects created in earlier versions of CC. But changing them is not difficult, just tedious.


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