Send to Carbide Motion

Why do I sometimes get a button to “Send to Carbide Motion” but when I would like it, it is not there?

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With Carbide Motion and a Carbide Create file open at the same time, when you click LOAD in CM - you will get the “send to” option in CC.


It would be a lot easier to run both Carbide Create and Carbide Motion at the same time if the twain weren’t indistinguishable.

I really wish that they would get some sort of texture or fill so as to differentiate them — Carbide Create could get two machine watermarks inside it (or around the outside since we’re tending towards tiles), Carbide Motion could get a binary pattern or say an image from a Carbide Motion circuit board.

I rarely have them running simultaneously simply because it looks like an error to have multiple identical icons in the dock.

I second that. Different Icons for each.

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Even more interesting — make the icons dynamic — the Carbide Motion icon could load a machine silhouette based on which machine it’s connected to, while the Carbide Create icon could hold a preview of the current design.

The Carbide Motion silhouette could also be faded out and serve as a progress bar for when sending a file.

Ditto the Carbide Create icon — the image silhouette could serve as a progress bar for when calculating a preview.

I usually have at least 2 Carbide Create Files open, thats how I know which is which.:laughing: