Sending Gcode Wirelessly

exactly what I mentioned earlier.

the Intel NUC are dialed, but a bit costly for such a basic task.
I stumbled across the MSI Cubi line which is a similar size, cheaper, and they have fanless options (big ol heatsink). desktop remote in from and you’re golden.


I just ordered a Beelink BT3 Pro II and it should be in today or tomorrow. It was $129 on eBay and I have an old touchscreen monitor to use with it so I am hoping it will make for a very nice compact setup. I did not want to have my good laptop tied up while jobs are running.

It is running Win10 so RD should work. I will let you know. got this installed and running today. Windows autologon is enabled, Carbide Motion is set to boot on startup and I can either use RDP or IPaddress:8080 to access the device or or CM’s WebUI and I’ve set up a network location where I can drop .nc files. Finally, look at the awesome form factor! (yes, the V-wheels clear with it flush mounted). I have a handy USB-SS monitor If I absolutely need to get into the local machine itself. Not bad for $100.

One SMALL request to the development team for CM… similar to how torrenting programs can look for a .torrent file in a folder do you think its a good idea to create a feature that if CM is open and an .nc file is dropped into a specific directory that it auto loads into CM if there is no active job running?


nc files are not the only Gcode file extensions.

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Very nice and tiny! Makes me wish I would have gone this route. But hopefully the small box (albeit huge compared to the StickPC!) I ordered will still work out nicely.

Today I got my monitor installed and Beelink tiny-box PC setup with Carbide motion. I am very happy with the setup and how it runs. This is an old touch screen monitor that I used in live streaming years ago and my plan was to use the touch screen functionality with Carbide Motion. The touchscreen only had problems when running CM for some crazy reason but when I used a keyboard and mouse, zero issues.

I am still deciding how I want to do my power cord management. But this will do for now. I have a wireless keyboard/mouse combo that will be here tomorrow and replace the wired keyboard in the photos. Some other folks shared their tiny form factor setups so I wanted to share this one.


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