Serious problem with Nomad883

I am having a serious problem with the Z axis. Here is a link to the problem. I’m not entirely sure what the error is, but I think it might be on the controller since the servo seems to be moving just fine. I have one of the older models, with a white PCB. Any idea what might be wrong? What parts can I replace to fix this? This is the last part of a larger project, so I would like it to be fixed ASAP (It’s always the last cut >,<)

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Can you send an email to Carbide 3d Support with some pictures and your details.
Please inspect the wiring of the Z stepper specifically.
It’s an odd sound, like a loose wire or the anti-backlash nut is damaged.


The backlash nut seems to be fine, I can twist the lead screw and move the axis just fine. The sound seems to be coming from the stepper stopping/starting, it’s hard to locate it.

So I was able to identify the source of the noise as well as homing in on the problem. Video here. The sound was coming from the lead screw being twisted by the weight of the gantry. The lead screw can spin (not freely, but it has some give). I am now at a crossroads with the troubleshooting, if it’s the controller side or inherent to the servo.

A) The servo will attempt to move but seems to be skipping a phase or something.
B) I can still feel the magnetic ticks on the lead screw, so it seems to have a good mechanical connection, (the problem is likely electrical.)
C) An awful grinding noise is made as the stepper attempts to move. It is able to be moved by hand with relatively little force (something I’ve never seen a stepper do.)

To the thanks of Jorge I got my mill running again! It turned out to be the connection on my (older) Z-axis and the controller. I soldered the two together and now it runs smoothly.