Set Grid alignment origin

When you switch the origin of a project, can we also have the option of switching the grid origin as well?
For example: I set the origin to the center, it would be very useful to also have the grid origin as the center point such that it overhangs the edges uniformly.


If you make the grid integral to the stock size (or half the stock size for center) this works to the extent that it lines up.

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There is no automatic way to set grid size. However you can change the grid as many times as you want. So if you have a space of .437" then change the grid to that size and back to something else later on. I change grid size multiple times during a project to get things to snap to grid and help with alignment.

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Is there a way to manage/change the color of the grid?

No, the grid colour cannot be changed.

A work-around would be to draw up a series of squares and use the array feature to position them as desired, put them on a layer which has the desired colour, then lock that layer.

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