Set out to calibrate steps on the Pro

Came up empty handed!

Pardon the potato camera. This was it zeroed on the caliper and on CM.

150mm X travel in CM showed up as 149.97mm on the caliper. Y was pretty similar.


There is discussion on calibration in the Shapeoko Wiki for Shapeoko. Not sure there is a separate one for the 4 and Pro models. Basically you draw some squares, circles and triangles of a certain size, carve them and then measure them. Adjust your settings if necessary and repeat until you get the exact measurement you drew and then measured. For instance you draw a 6 inch circle, triangle and square. Cut them with a v bit and measure them. Calibrate your X and Y steps to dial in your machine. Most machines use the default settings and do not need to be changed.

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I don’t think that is as effective. While you’re certainly dialing in your calibration for a specific endmill and material, it’s not really calibrating the steppers/belts.

If I don’t get accurate results by measuring gantry movements as shown above, then it’s an issue of tool deflection, runout, or something else that I should compensate for in software or in my CAM - the motors are moving exactly what they are told to move.

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